Reallocation of Parental Rights and Responsibilities

A reallocation is necessary because change has occurred.  .

Your Ex is Not Following the Court Order and therefore is Not Playing by the Rules

Things to consider:

Steps to take

Record Keeping


Pattern of behavior

Change in employment

Change in marital status

Changes with your ex-spouse


       Additional Children

       New Job


       Income change

       Hostile environment 

Age of your children


Changing Your Divorce Agreement- Divorce is Forever, A Divorce Agreement does not have to be.


When you divorced, you entered into a legally binding agreement that would control your future, your property and your relationship with your children. The decisions reached about custody and support were based on the circumstances that existed at the time of the termination of the marriage.  Circumstances change. and the best solution at the time of your divorce may not longer fit your life.  It is for that reason that a reallocation of parental rights and responsibilities is now necessary.  

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